Clickz: It’s Not Just About the E-mail…And Video Complicates Matters

By Jeanne Jennings, ClickZ, Jun 15, 2009

An e-mail campaign I developed for a client earlier this month was successful, but not as successful as it could have been. If you see yourself or your organization in the following case study, it’s not too late — see my tips at the end of this column for making sure you get the most out of every send and video landing page.

Last month I wrote about video in e-mail, partially spurred by a client that was pursuing this strategy. The video was a somewhat late addition to the e-mail campaign — the video was complete just as we were finalizing the e-mail creative. We included an image of the video which, when clicked on, took the reader to a Web page where the video would play
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Another classic from Jeanne. She goes on to show you the conversion stats and the differences between the click throughs for the video and the rest of the direct links and then takes us to the web-site stats to see how each landing page faired in conversion rates… it is very interesting…read on