DMA blog: 5 automated campaigns designed to deliver revenue

by Kath Pay on June 30, 2009 at 01:24 PM

I am constantly surprised that in the search for revenue, some marketers often overlook the impact of implementing automated campaigns. Other tactics often steel the lime light (and resource), for example segmentation, for me does not deliver the revenue as quickly or as easily as a well executed automated email program.

Remember a well crafted automated email program will be helping you hit your targets while you sleep!

Here are five of my favourite automated email programs that will help you deliver revenue:-…read on

Automated emails are a very good idea as they begin from a truly transactional state and ease into marketing and sales. It is vitally important that you know where the transaction ends and the marketing begins and put an opt-out link in, ie: the first email or the second email after the purchase receipt. If the email is not legally required, like a purchase receipt or double opt-in email you must give people the chance to opt-out.
In addition, be careful not to over do it if you end up sending people a double opt-in email when they sign-up to your site, then a 3 welcome messages over the next month, then they go to buy something but don’t complete so they get an abandoned cart email, then they buy something, get the receipt, then a review email to get feedback and then they get on to the further post purchase program or any sort – it could get a bit busy. You still have to remember that people have other things to do than read all of your emails and trying to take too much of that time could be detrimental to what you are trying to achieve.

I have managed many a strategy of the best way to do this and the balance of getting in front of them and not bombarding them and there a fair few tight judgement calls to make.