iMediaCon: How to turn your email program into a dialogue

Wendy S. Roth, July 07, 2009

Too many email messages resemble the stereotypical used-car salesman. He is the slick guy who blusters past objections, ignores questions, and directs shoppers to the cars he wants to push instead of the ones they came to check out.

The successful car salespeople have refined their techniques over the years, spending less time talking and more time listening, answering questions, and using information instead of patter to overcome objections. They’ve learned what many email marketers are just now beginning to realize: The sales experience has to be a two-way dialogue in order to deliver the best results for both sellers and buyers.

Talking is one end of that street, and listening is the other. You’ve probably got the talking part down just fine, but what are you doing to listen to your readers?…read on

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My mate Duncan from Pure360 did a pretty good talk at Marketing Week Live a few weeks ago, Kate Middleton was there and there was a poem too!
I believe a white paper on Dunc’s talk is on the way!