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E-Mail Case Study: Video Landing Pages, Jun 29, 2009
Jeanne Jennings analyses the second send from her video landing pages analysis.
Anything from Jeanne is always useful.
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Delivery Reports: What They Mean, How to Read Them, Jul 1, 2009
Stefan Pollard covers and elaborates on the basics of Email Marketing Reporting.
In fact even though it is easy to read it is very in depth. My ESP Pure360 can cover this for me nicely – can yours?
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Time to Invest in E-mail, By Bill McCloskey, Jul 2, 2009
Bill Starts off talking about why we all need to invest in Email Marketing but then really gets into the two main priorities of actually doing it: Content and Deliverability, then goes on to cover social sharing etc. etc. This is quite long but is a one stop page to get your priorities right.
Bill really does look like Dick Van Dyke, in Diagnosis Murder not Scrubs as he shaved his tash off for Scrubs. Now I can’t get the theme tune of Diagnosis Murder out of my head!
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Why I Read Spam, Jul 6, 2009
Jeanniey Mullen delves into her junk folder and exposes all! In some ways it helps us know what not to do and it can also help us empathise with the content filters, which helps when you are creating your messages.
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Buff Enough for a Tough Economy? Ten E-mail Exercises, Jul 8, 2009
Karen Gedney give her top 10 tips for optimising your email messages.
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E-Mail List Purchase: A Shortcut to Success? Jul 9, 2009
Derek Harding discusses purchasing email lists.. I say don’t do it, no-one likes it, today’s lower tolerance and deliverability from the larger ISPs is down to people sending masses of email to bought lists with good content. People mark it as spam and the content filters learn false positives. If they haven’t asked for it, don’t interrupt them with it. The best way to get new business is referrals. Use your email and web analytics, find your frequent interactors and incentivise them to do the acquisition marketing for you.
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Case Study: An Amusement Park E-mail Misses the Mark, Jul 13, 2009
Jeanne Jennings takes an email from her inbox and walks us through the pros and cons of the whole recipient experience.
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Rehab for Your Sender Reputation, Part 1, Jul 15, 2009
In part one, Stefan Pollard tells how and why our deliverability can be pony, next time I’m hoping to find the ‘secret IP reputation sauce’ that apparently does not exist.
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