Mediapost: socializing your email

by Kara Trivunovic, Thursday, July 9, 2009, 10:18 AM

There is a lot of conversation happening around social media and socializing email — so much so that it almost feels redundant focusing this article on the topic. But hey, it is what it is — the latest industry “drug,” and I am not afraid to beat a dead horse (figuratively, of course!). But really, just like any other “new” trend to hit email, the goal is to make “it” relevant and make “it” work for you.

Effectively socializing your email has more to do with the value of the content and less about the functionality available to share it. Sticking a “share this” link in your email brings no value unless the content you’ve provided is actually something interesting that people want to share.

Following are the top five ways to socialize your email efforts:…read on