EmailDirect: Is your domain hurting your delivery?

July 10, 2009

Lately I’ve been bringing “domain-awareness” to the attention of some of our clients and they were Domain-awareness surprised to know how much a domain can help or hurt delivery rates. Believe it or not, simply registering your domain at the wrong register can hinder results. The age of your domain is also a qualifying condition for a block list. So although there are many other factors that can bring bad results so can a poorly managed and created domain(s). I have listed some of the things you want to stay away from or think about when using or purchasing a domain name for email marketing…read on
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Very rarely does this affect senders, as you cannot / should not send email from your main web-domain you are likely to use either a whole new domain or a sub-domain of your web-domain. If you have a sub-domain, who ever sets it up might need to know this, if they don;t they’ll find out quickly. If it is a new domain, normally it is a cheapo one just to send emails from. ESPs will normally give you some nameservers to delegate to or some DNS records to use.