theEMM: New look and a white paper

The guys at Pure360 are sending their latest edition of the Email Marketing Manual today. Those of you who already get it might be a little surprised at the colour change – it is now red instead of blue!
As most of us know Pure360 is red and white but the email marketing manual was blue, they have decided to bring the two together in glorious harmony. And it is very pretty!

With their newly appointed Marketing Manager Abi Clowes and Pure’s Co-founder and Brand & Interface specialist Ash Richards teaming up with former Agency Specialist Adam Bambrough to form the new Product and Experience team Pure is going from strength to strength.

Abi’s first event as Marketing Manager was to take the company to the On-line Marketing Show where one of their Business Development Managers, Duncan Birch, delivered a great talk on dialogue in email as ‘the way forward’ – I cannot disagree.
This latest EMM also includes their white paper: “
Death of the announcement, birth of the dialogue” from the the show, which is a great read and gives a great impression of Pure going forward.

Here is a message from the editor:

Hello to all you readers and welcome to the latest installment of the EMM.

You may have noticed that we’ve made some changes to the email marketing manual this month. This is because at Pure we want to make your lives easier and providing you with some juicy email marketing news is our way of doing so.

The team have trawled through their favourite blogs, rifled through their Twitter accounts and purged their proudest product features to bring you what we think is a nice little offering this month.

We hope you enjoy the new sections and if you have any questions or feedback (good or bad), please let us know at

Until next month,

Your Editor

Check out the email then sign-up if you’re not there already.

Also, don’t miss them at Ad:tech where the legend of Robin Kennedy will be presenting a seminar entitled ‘Email – to Blast, to Broadcast, or enter into Dialogue?

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  1. Well I think Pure have got it right here. It's great to see them actually doing what they seminar about! Love the conversational tone – it engages the customer (of which I am one) – so a general hat's off …


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