emaildirect: Understanding Delivery in a New Way

February 06, 2009 Richard King / Steven Woods

Steven Woods over at DigitalBodyLanguage hit this one in the proverbial inbox when it comes to explaining delivery and reputation to an individual that doesn’t live and breathe it like I do. Mr. Woods broke the analogy down to what the fine women and men do at INS (Immigration Naturalization) and CBP (Country Boarder Patrol) to protect our borders from the bad guys and allow the good guys in. However as complete as his analogy is, I would like to add an additional section:

The Immigration Attorney: In the email marketing game not every client has a clean slate when signing up with an ESP. Actually it’s most of the time that the client has a bad reputation and with that the Border Patrol won’t allow them across the border. That’s where an Immigration Lawyer comes into play. Just because you get stopped at the border and denied entry due to your past, doesn’t mean you can’t cross eventually. Most of the time it just means your current past isn’t sound enough for INS to allow you through or they simply don’t have enough information on you. So what an immigration lawyer can do to clear your name with INS an ESP can do to clear up your delivery reputation and get you into inboxes.

Below is Steven Woods original post below:

All You Never Cared to Know About Deliverability“…read on