EMI: making email marketing more conversational

Jon Miller July 16, 2009 – 10:43 am EDT

6 top tips from Jon Miller of Marketo on moving away from “batch and blast” and onto the dialogue…

As the buyer takes control of the purchase process, marketing’s job becomes one of synchronizing its activities with the buyer’s process to: (a) Stay top of mind; (b) build propensity for the brand; and (c) accelerate the buying cycle, if possible. Traditional “batch and blast” e-mail marketing strategies no longer cut it. Today, marketers need to think “outside the inbox” and have conversations with prospects—watching specific behaviors and reacting with the appropriate responses. Here are six tips how to accomplish that…read on
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We are seeing more and more dialogue based advice now, with Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook etc. all playing a very prominent part in our digital relationship with our customers & prospects. One thing to keep in mind is yes built that rapport but don’t forget why you are there – normally to make money, it is just how you want to get people to spend money that makes the difference. Seth is still leading the way by saying that throwing interruptions and buy now call to actions is starting to annoy people, they will buy when they want to buy. But you still have to ensure that the opportunity to spend money with consistently convenient for everyone you interact with, just not in the way of why you have that rapport. There is no point having an amazing blog, information and interaction channel but when they go to spend some money they have to work hard to do so.
And finally don’t forget not to pester people, there is a difference between building & maintaining dialogue and stalking & pestering – the key is to profile people so you know when to contact people, how often and what with.