Mailvivo: Don’t resend, re-engage

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July 10th, 2009 by George Burrell

One of the more common questions I am asked by my clients is “X% of my list didn’t open or click, should I resend them the email?” Simple answer, No!
Now I understand that you are trying to get the most out of each of your contacts, but simply resending the same email isn’t going to get them engaged. More often than not it will do the opposite; it will irritate and alienate them.

The first point to consider is whether the subscriber has responded at all, to any past communications. If the answer is no, that contact is inactive. If the contact has responded (via an open, click or conversion), but has not done so for some time, they can be considered as dormant. Contacts can become dormant for a number of reasons, here are a few:

Their interests have shifted; your mailings are now irrelevant/lack value
They signed up for an initial offer/incentive that was not repeated
The messages didn’t meet the subscriber’s expectations
The address has been abandoned

So the question is what to do with these contacts? You don’t want to cull everyone who hasn’t responded to your email as they may still be interested in your mailings. Our shining knight is a Reactivation Campaign. In earnest, a reactivation campaign is a series of emails targeted to recapture those inactive or dormant contacts.…read on
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I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to re-engage and not to stalk and pester. Permission requesting emails, check-up emails to people who do not interact often. Some people are busy and might not check your emails regularly but save a few up and do it all in one go. This is where your reporting comes in and your preferences. If you do send a lot of emails, allow people to chose how often they get one, weekly, monthly, quarterly – Clickz is great like that, they do emails daily but I’m too busy so I got for the weekly digest. With Web-shops you really need to profile people on their interactions where-ever you can and then you can send them what they want when they want.