Mailvivo: Welcome Emails

Yes another one from MailVivo and there is one more to go, I’ve been storing them up…

June 11th, 2009 by George Burrell
Recently, I have been scrabbling through Email Marketing metrics and reports, when a post on the Retail Email Blog struck me. Chad White detailed that only 72% of online retailers operate an introductory email campaign as part of their standard email marketing programs1. Frankly the other 28% are missing a key opportunity when their subscribers are at their most interactive.

The first time you walk into a friend’s house, often you are welcomed with a warm greeting and often a polite offer of a beverage; all of these contribute to your first impression and your overall feeling towards them. This is very much like if you were to walk into a store & receive a kind “hello” from a member of staff. Email shouldn’t be any different. A Welcome Email is our way of saying “Hi, thanks for signing up”: It is ideal platform to set a positive, ongoing relationship.

At the point of opt in the subscriber has clearly displayed an interest in the company’s product, service or offering. At that time, the brand (and the offering) is in the forefront of a subscribers psyche; this is the best time to send a targeted message to the individual. Don’t just take my word for it. Below I have included some the average performance for some of our online retail clients:…read on

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Gotta love the Welcome stuff – careful not to be too salesy and bear in mind that if you also do double-opt-in you are sending people from inbox to their browser and back a lot, you might want to consider a dynamic landing page post double-opt-in and maybe give them the option to have the landing page emailed to them if they do not want to read it there and then or re-direct them and email them so they can carry on and still have their hello from you in their inbox.