mediapost: Christmas Advice In July

by Chad White, Tuesday, July 21, 2009, 10:15 AM

“For many retail brands, we are quickly approaching the saturation point for email volume. My Retail Email Index currently indicates that retail email volume is running 19% above last year’s. While that’s slower than the 28% year-over-year increases that we were seeing in July 2008, it’s alarming because we’re heading into the holiday season.

Last year, retail email volume rose 43% during the holiday season — and during its peak week was up 76%, compared to the pre-holiday baseline. If this holiday season follows the same trajectory, retailers will average 3.4 emails per week, with a peak of 4.2 emails per week.

More than ever, the question is: How can we make each email that we send work harder? How can we minimize volume increases to avoid increased list churn and deliverability issues, while maximizing revenue?

Consider these tactics”…read on

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If you are able to properly profile your recipients, you will not have to hammer everyone and send less but more targeted and relevant content to everyone and make more money!