mediapost: Some Metrics to Consider

by Ryan Deutsch, Thursday, July 23, 2009, 10:45 AM

Like many of you, my inbox is filled with the latest research on social media and how it will soon change the world for many email marketers. Unlike some of you, I happen to be a true believer that social media will become a critical part of not only direct marketing but email marketing specifically.

Of particular interest this week was the release of a report prepared by Wetpaint and Altimeter that looked at the world’s most valuable brands and:
(1) Determined which were most engaged (via social channels) with their consumers
(2) Drew a parallel to that engagement with financial results.

The report found that companies investing heavily in social media (companies deeply engaged in seven or more social channels like blogs, branded social Web sites, Facebook, Wikis, ratings and reviews, etc.) surpass their peers in terms of both revenue and performance by a significant amount.…read on

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This is a fair point, as much as you can do to get people interacting and liking and respecting your brand the better it can be. PPC is going up in price, acquisition emailing is evening out and might even be less popular as their deliverability is rubbish because ISPs and recipients are bored of them, so what is left? Emails to people who are interested, how do you get people who are interested? Their friends have tell them about you. I’ve done a little work with NixonMcInnes who are absolute expert in this stuff. If you need anyone to work with for social media, they should be your first stop, then go to Pure360 for the email side (obviously).