DMA: Reputation is key for deliverability

For the DMA blog on July 28, 2009 Guy Hanson tells us about how email marketers are now being forced to understand about IP reputation, even if they are using an ESP, he also supplies us with some help in remedying it…

A recent Return Path study shows that email sender reputation, and not content, is the major factor in whether marketing emails reach the inbox – 83% of the time, sender reputation is the cause of filtering.

That being the case, e-marketers are increasingly having to recognise the principal factors that affect sender reputation, and one of the major ones is spam complaint notifications. This represents a growing problem for legitimate email broadcasters – a typical scenario is where the email recipient knows and accepts that the email was solicited by them at some stage in the past, but now wants to be removed from the list, and can’t see any obvious way of doing so ( usually because the unsubscribe link is buried in a 6 point font somewhere in the email footer in the hope that it won’t be seen ! ). In such a situation, the spam button then becomes a convenient alternative to unsubscribing !

This represents a double-whammy for the e-marketer – in addition to losing a member from the mailing list, these notifications are fed back to the ISP that the email account is held with, which ultimately compromises the sender reputation of the sender if these notifications are received in sufficient quantities“…read on

It is a git but we all have to do it.