Email Address Verifiers are bad

The other day (Jul 28 2009) Email Wars posted about an Email Verifier tool and asked if it was a good idea, knowing that it could be a spammers’ dream.

I said thatthis is a basic HELO tool (or EHLO now), it is very popular with spammers, lead-gens and prospectors and WILL definitely harm the deliverability if the IP address making the call.

If you are thinking that you need one, you’ve probably collected your data badly.
If you decide to make one to test large numbers quickly, whatever you do, don’t use the same IP address that you want to send emails or host images and webpages on

If you need to check your addresses, I doubt you have permission to email them in the first place or you have not emailed them in a long time. Either way, if you think you could use it, you need to look at how you email first.