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It’s not the first time this has happened to me, but it still surprises me every time. I send an unsubscribe request by email as instructed in the email I received, and then it bounces back to me because of a spam filter…read on

July 18, 2009 By Joshua Baer for

I was a a little surprised that something that important was overlooked but I suppose it depends on who is emailing. Not having a link to click to opt-out or an on-line form is just bad practice. If I am mildly interested in something and ask for their emails the first thing I do is check the opt-out process. Often I’ll even use a temporary email address tool.

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Not sure how to go about this today without embarrassing a company, but I feel the need to make a point today about unsubscribing, list management, and Can-Spam.
In the past few days, Kodak or started to send emails to one of my own personal spamtrap@ addressees that is not used for anything, but harvesting of email address off my personal website. This means obviously that I wouldn’t use it to sign up for accounts, newsletters, etc using that email address. I just have it sitting out their on the Internet waiting to be scraped up by some on
July 29, 2009, By Dennis Dayman

I went to unsubscribe from dotmailer this morning and the landing page asked me to type in my email address!!! These guys are supposed to be a good ESP yet they can’t even manage to pre-populate my email address in a form, let alone encrypt it. I could enter in any email address.

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