Yahoo! Adds Behavioral Attributes to Anti-Spam Reputation Mix

The idea of behavioral data affecting email sender reputation first surfaced three years ago, when AOL announced that dormant addresses would factor into sender reputation. AOL explained at the time that spammers create significant numbers of fake email addresses for the sole purpose of driving down complaint percentage rates…

Microsoft’s Anti-Spam General Manager indicated that in the future they would prefer to use recipient behavioral metrics like open-rates in addition to their other spam-related metrics to determine sender reputation…

Now, we have confirmation from Yahoo! that some of these same metrics that AOL and Microsoft have considered are now implemented into Yahoo!’s anti-spam reputation processes…read on
Published by Ben Isaacson at 12:19 pm on Email Responsibly.
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It was only a matter of time before Yahoo caught up. Personally I am relieved because they have been a nightmare over the years. When sending high volumes because they did not have the infrastructure to handle it so they would defer a lot. It is happening a lot less lately and is pretty much the same as Hotmail now. The deferral volumes can be directly related to IP reputation all Yahoo! needs now is an SNDS type tool and we are all good!