BtoB: Optimizing your e-mail for mobile devices

Judith Nemes, August 13, 2009 – 6:01 am EDT

Are the e-mails you send to customers and prospects viewable on a mobile device? It’s a question that has become critical to marketers as more businesspeople rely on smart phones when out of the office.

“E-mail recipients probably aren’t going to buy something from another company on their BlackBerry or iPhone, but they certainly might flag something or take action on it later back at the office,” said Janine Popick, CEO of VerticalResponse Inc., a San Francisco-based e-mail marketing service provider.

Many smart phones aren’t user-friendly when it comes to reading large chunks of text or viewing big images, so marketers must tweak their messages to appeal to b-to-b subscribers scanning their e-mail initially from a mobile device, she said. Popick suggested the following tips to maximize the punch of e-mails—whether they’re read at the desk or on the go…read on

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The hardest thing nower days is to get an email right for a mobile device – they are all so different. It would be nice to know the source device stats for ther most conversions per mobile user – probably iPhone and N95 with the GooglePhone right behind it? It least then we can do out best to make it easy for the frwquest interactors?