BtoB: What names should I use for the "From" line of my marketing e-mails?

Jon Miller, VP-marketing, Marketo, August 6, 2009 – 11:51 am EDT

The first decision a prospect makes when looking at an e-mail is whether to delete it. This is where the “From” name comes in. If the e-mail comes from an unfamiliar source, the recipient is much more likely to delete it. Of course, you still need to optimize the subject line to make sure the e-mail gets opened, but it’s the “From” that starts the process
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The oppinion tends to be different depending on the relationship you have with your recipients and why you are emailing them. People who tend not to have a relationship with the recipients tend to use someone’s full name – I have trouble trusting that, it’s a bit sneaky. People are too savvy nowerdays and it is too easy to damage the brand and it bugs me!
I like consistency and I like to see the brand name. I don’t subscribe to a person’s emails I subscribe to a company or an organisation or an idea – the only time this has over lapped is Seth Godin who is the person, the brand, the story and the idea! (what-a-guy)