EMR: Amazon Subject Lines (@markatEMR)

Now for many people Amazon are the leaders of e-commerce email marketing because of their personalised content capbilities. This is all down to correct profiling and then using the technology smartly to get the right content out into emails.

Over the last month, the legend of Mark Brownlow has written 4 articles about Amazon’s subject lines for his Email Marketing Reports:

Subject lines: Amazon’s lessons on branding
Subject lines: Amazon’s lessons on personalization
Subject lines: Amazon’s lessons on length
Subject lines: Amazon’s lessons on discounts and frontloading

Pretty much everything Mark writes is going to be good and useful and this is a nice collection which most of us can relate to as most of us probably get Amazon emails.

Personally, I get too many emails from Amazon, I haven’t tried hard but I can’t easily find a way to tell them what catagories to email me about, so it appears to be all or nothing. Luckily for Amazon, while inconvenienced, I can tollorate it as I buy more from them on-line than anywhere else but I would like a bit more control.