Risky preheaders

As I have barked on about for a while now, the preheader is important, I’ve often coined the phrase: “Trust Earning Text” as you tell someone why they are getting it and sometimes even where you got their details from. You’ll always put the browser view link in so that can go to the browser instead of loading the images. It is getting more and more popular to put some teaser text in too at the very top to doulbe up as the snippet text for Google and Yahoo etc.
This recent post from Deliverability.com give us a nice example of where a company simple told each recipient that ‘this is not spam’.
An interesting concept, with some risk but it would depend on their historical practices, complaint rates, their status as a phishing target and general reputation…but I like the audactiy!

This is NOT spam
August 04, 2009, By DJ Waldow for Deliverabilty.com

Or is it? I recently blogged about how Bank of America used valuable real estate to tell their readers that the email is NOT spam.
Below I’ve copied a section of the post that is most relevant to this blog. I’ve also added a few deliverabilty-related thoughts to consider
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