dmcentral: ‘Understandable’ Email Deliverability

Monday, July 27, 2009

I had a conversation with a friend of mine about the state of email deliverability. It seems that many companies – including well known companies – have deliverability rates under 90%. In fact, many hover somewhere in the mid 80s. As anyone who was awake in the mid 80s knows, this can’t be a good thing. Having your deliverability in the mid 80s is a bit like having Mister Mister as your favorite band. You can do it…just don’t talk about it in public.

It seems confusing that any respectable email marketer can’t regularly achieve email deliverability rates in excess of 95%. With inbox rates of about the same percentage. It’s not that hard. People have been doing the deliverability for quite some time…you would think that people get it a little better.

In the interest of the common good, here’s a few hints/tips to raise your deliverability. For those of you whose performance is tied to increasing deliverability, this may mean cash. Don’t worry, this advice is all commission-free…read on
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As a deliverability geek myself, this is all stuff that’s probably encoded in my DNA by now but this is nice article that puts together the basics in a easy way to understand and easy to put into practice.