ReturnPath: Domain Reputation

Tom Sather writes a great article from ReturnPath on Jul 29 2009 called “Domain Reputation: What It Means for Email Senders“.

It makes sense to have a reputation tracker for domains as well as IPs. We already have modes of authentication to ensure the person sending from that domain is actually linked with that domain so spoofers and phishers can’t hurt you, why not apply the same levels of reputation management to the domain as they do for the sending IP.

I’m sure ESPs would love it as they will send emails for more than one brand from the same IP address.
It’ll make better email marketers if ESPs can track individual senders’ reputations from shared IPs and only the sender suffers from their own poor choices.
Most email marketers won’t spend enough for a dedicated IP address especially with the costs of repairing a bad reputation if they make a mistake, it is a much better choice to go on a shared system for most people.

Is return path developing this as tool like SenderScore?