VR: Make All Of Your Clicks Count

July 28, 2009
You spend your valuable time creating your email marketing campaign, you load it with images, text and links, but where do you send your clickers? Hopefully not a dead end where they don’t really know what to do! Let’s take a look at 4 places that you are probably sending your clickers to and what you could do better…read on

Nice little article about the bit that we always forget about, the actual landing pages from the clicks.
What it doesn’t mention is that the reason most EPSs actually exist is because the marketing department did not want to have to rely on the IT department to market digitally, so people built ESPs to give the power and the control to the marketers.

These same marketers would not have control over the web-site unless enough budget and resource has been given to them to have a CMS. Subsequently unless you have an e-commerce site, a blog or a CMS you still have to cover everything in the email.

Also mentioned is Integration with Google Analytics, my favourite ESP Pure360 also has integration with Google Analytics. I also have it on good authority that Pure360 is also working on an all signing all dancing CMS bolt-on for their email platform. It’s not scheduled for release on this year’s up and coming software update but some of the stuff on it sounds fantastic – I can’t wait – or tell anyone what they are!