Emotion causes interaction

With today’s requirements for dialogue in email marketing you need ways to get that interaction.
Obviously you need the framework at the back end, whether it is one person replying to emails, a blog or a sophisticated CMS with all of the frills, as long as people can interact with you and each other you’re a away.

Now you need a reason for someone to interact; typically you’ll be posting blog posts and asking for opinions, maybe tweeting links to the posts and updating your Facebook status at the same time but not everyone comments, many people will read it and that’ll be that.
You will probably find it is the same people each time commenting and retweeting and that is all good – pay them attention – but you want more people doing it, people who would not normally get involved.
How do you do that?
Make them care more?
How do you do that?
Do or say something that’ll spark their emotion, make them feel inclined to get involved and preferably emotionally obligated to interact but without burning any bridges!

There are a few things you can do, some are quite risky like annoy people so that they retort or you can give them the power and the tools to make it is easier, reward them for their interactions, make feel them part of the brand more.

Using polls is a good idea and on Aug 22 2009 there was a useful article from Benchmark Email called “Using a website Poll to build traffic” which supports this idea and gives some really handy tips…read on