Domain Reputation – it’s gotta be a good thing

I’ve read a bag load of talk about ISPs moving towards domain reputation over IP reputation.
Personally, I think it’s about bleeding time!

So many companys’ emails come from a shared sending platform where more than one brand will send from the same IP address, it seems silly not to use something that separates and identifies the senders – the sending domain.

A small complexity is how that will be identified because the from address for the recipeint’s eyes and the from address in the envelope are often different but I’m sure they’ll come up with something.

I also had a chat with a particularly intelligent System Administrator yesterday who speculated that this domain reputation could also be linked to the abandonment of feedback loops from ISPs? But that is another post.

Domain reputation cannot come fast enough, although one article I read speculated that some places will be using DKIM and others (Micorsoft) will be using Sender ID (not the ReturnPath one).
This is where it gets ambiguous! Already we have to chose between an spf record and and senderID depending on where you mainly want to send to, if you have mainly hotmail and yahoo you go with senderID, if you are mainly B2B you go with SPF, or do you??

I love the idea but I’ll need more details before I am going to rely it, seeing as so many things have been tried and not made anough of a difference to separate the trillion or so spam mails sent a day from our few million sales and marketing emails.