Popup sign-up forms! Are you sure?

Two weeks ago I saw a tweet from Vertical Response, recommending using a pop-up window with a subscribe form to pop-up when someone leaves the site.
While I can see the attraction, as a last grab at getting someone’s details, if you have to ask then, there is something wrong with your site!
To be honest, if a site tried that with me I would not go back to it.
Sites with pop-ups are traditionally not trustworthy and are to avoided.
Don’t do it!
I also believe that my opinion is shared by Andrew Kordek and All Web Email amongst others.

2 thoughts on “Popup sign-up forms! Are you sure?

  1. While unpopular with designers, from my experience and keeping an eye on Web site analytics, pop-up mailing list forms can be effective at increasing subscribers/prospective buyers.Where such pop-up forms are placed and how they are designed have a major impact on their conversion rate and annoyance factor.I personally would be quite annoyed at a pop-up form when leaving a site. A few pages into a site, though, and I sometimes appreciate them, sometimes simply close them.More annoying to me? Filling out a long form of required fields to receive an industry white paper. I find these forms less annoying when there are checkboxes where I can indicate level of interest in hearing from the company. That said, I suspect such forms offer a degree of effectiveness, as well.


  2. Cheers Rob, I still can't get on board with popups, especially when they battle with your browser to actually popup. I suppose a form that materialises in the middle of the page might not be too intrusive but I still say, if you need to throw the form at someone as they are on their way out the door, you've already done something too wrong to earn my email address.And yes I concur, lots of mandatory fields just get a newsletter is less than clever, sites should not ask people to do it!


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