Apology Emails

It’s that time again, every so often we get another, very similar, in-depth Apology email article.
This article by Stefan Pollard, for ClickZ, Aug 26, 2009 is one of them but as it is for Clickz it is particularly detailed and accurate…read on
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In my experience, while you should obviously avoid needing to apologise but when you do, that apology email could bring you that much closer to your customer base.

I remember getting a call from a travel company I worked with who had put a typo in the merge field so instead of “Dear [firstname]”, they actually got the word firstname rather than the actual firstname from the list and it was in the subject line!

They were on the phone to me as soon as the first replies came in: “stop the delivery”, “take it back” , “can’t you hack in and change it?” quite delirious.

We calmed them down and talked them through the structure, copy and subject line for an immediate apology email written from the person who actually made the typo, the marketing manager! This email had more replies than any other email campaign ever, in fact they might have had more replies in that one campaign than all campaigns had received in the last 12 months!

It revolutionised their marketing because it opened the dialogue and this was BEFORE TWITTER!