E-Mail Versus Twitter?

E-Mail Versus Twitter? Errr, email. Bill McCloskey explained for ClickZ on Aug 27, 2009…read on

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Twitter’s somewhere between an RSS feed that you can reply publicly to and an instant messenger that everyone else can see, with an SMS interface.

It works but it can drag you in so far you can lose perspective. You can forget that 80% of your readers, customers etc. might not interact with you this way but they do and will do in other ways. Also this Twitter 20% might not be the 20% that accounts for 80% of your revenue – don’t get dragged in, remember it for what it is and use it with quality and not quantity.

And yes, I stopped following you cos I don’t care what you had for breakfast, what you bought from the shops and I really don’t care how your dentist appointment went! Unless you’re Stephen Fry…but only just… you’d best keep it funny Steve!