video in email – nearly there?

We appear to be having some progress to actually getting video in emails… literally ‘some’!

After my little rant about the over hype of video in email but start getting ready anyway, David Greiner for Campaign Monitor (HTML5 and video in email: October 14, 2009), has done some tests using the <video> tag for HTML5 conventions in various email clients. It didn’t play in many but at least the fall back image worked – this could be an animated gif.

I am not sure that Gmail will buy into it so quickly as they are actively pushing their YouTube rendering in the inbox but you never know, we could have another fixoutlook type campaign to get everyone to adopt this new standard or maybe everyone will just go for it – yeah right.

This is definitely a step forward, especially with the fall back image being displayed if the movie cannot be rendered.

econsultancy: Defining trigger, remarketing and behavioural emails

It is important, I think, to define what is going on and what is out there in the market regarding trigger email marketing, behavioural email and remarketing, phrases thrown around and often confused but which have key differences.

I want to hazard some definitions of these terms, and of course I am open to having these challenged…

All businesses pinch vogue terms and use them to describe what they do. The bigger the issue and phrase, the more companies try to ride the bandwagon.

‘CRM’ was the classic example. I wonder how many people out there thought they understood what it meant until before seemingly every supplier in the market place twisted it and applied it to describe what they did!…read on
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This is a great surface level article about how to do things that are not always at the the top of our list (below, send one message to everyone we have) and how to do it right.
To implement any of this, your ESP should have all of the tools in their tool box, give them a shout, give me a shout or give Pure360 a shout.

Clickconsult: Email marketing: make your campaign attractive

When a visitor to your website, or a customer, opts in to receive your email newsletter you then have to work on keeping them interested. If your periodical emails fail to deliver anything of value, the subscriber may well decide to opt out.

To avoid this happening, work very carefully on creating a captivating email marketing campaign. Only provide information that the subscriber will find useful and relevant to them. Receiving emails that are not interesting to the reader are going to be deleted and not even opened. Therefore, the subject heading has to be attention grabbing. Keep it real though, as making an unbelievable claim is likely to be regarded as junk or spam and be deleted…read on

Dan, Thursday, October 22nd
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Some good advice from Dan there, keeps it concise and to the point while being understandable and relevant. Many of us might already know all of this but as we know it is easy to get dragged in and articles like this help us keep perspective.

Pure360: A 3 Step Guide to Improving Deliverability

Are you getting good deliverability rates? The chances are you could be doing more to improve them.
Internet Service Providers (ISP’s), such as Hotmail, AOL and Yahoo filter emails suspected of being spam. An increasing amount of opt in email is mistakenly being caught by filters, which could be losing your revenue.
Read on for three key factors to focus on, plus our top tips on how to address them.

By Marc Munier, Commercial Director, Pure360 25/09/2009
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The hardest thing is to revive your reputation when it is gone bad. Subsequently, avoid it at all costs. Do your home work early and don’t make mistakes, eg: don’t buy lists, make sure your unsubscribes and hard bounces are suppressed from all future campaigns. Even you are towing the DMA guidelines and the law, you can’t say that to Spamhaus or spam cop, they don’t care because their users don’t – they have the power, they have given you their trust along with their email address, don’t abuse it!

Experian: Retailers Get Ready for Social Shopping Experience

Online shopping is more than just transactional
People have long shared product opinions with friends and family through word-of-mouth. Today, social media tools enable consumers to extend their connections and conduct commerce in powerful new ways
…read on

October 26, 2009

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Social Media IS digital word of mouth!
If you start treating it that way, you may see the success of it.

The whole time you try to control it the more you are going to bang your head against a wall and your ‘followers’ will turn their backs.

Social media is the child of the new way to market, people who try to use social media in the way they used to market and still want to market – ‘pay and spray’ are the people who won’t make it work.

Scott Write Everything: Wall Street Journal Says Email is Dead?

Wall Street Journal Says Email is Dead; In Other News, Dewey Defeats Truman

According to the Wall Street Journal, “Email has had a good run as king of communications. But its reign is over.”

Wow. Should I alert my email marketing friends? Obviously I need to jump ship before I get too far down this road into this dying medium.

Now I know I shouldn’t get too worked up about this article, because folks have been trying to declare that email is dead for years. First, it was blogs. Then it was RSS feeds. Now it’s Twitter and Facebook. What do all of these communication venues have in common? Two things:

1. They’re wrong! (Hence the “Dewey Defeats Truman” headline)

2. You need an email address to use them!
(okay, maybe not RSS, but still, the argument is valid)
…read on

Posted on October 13, 2009 by Scott Cohen