ecademy: Quick Tips: Content Ideas for Email Marketing Campaigns

One of the most common questions from companies engaged in Email Marketing is “Help! What do I write about in my email campaigns?”

While they are the subject experts on their products and services, the secret is to ‘package’ the ‘story’ in a way that their customers want to hear, and follow some simple time tried and tested techniques such as being relevant and targeting your ‘story’ to the appropriate audience. This is guaranteed to make that empty space in your copy less intimidating, and create campaign messages that really resonate with customers.

The first thing to remember is that unlike a regular print newsletter that typically runs four or more pages, you don’t need a lot of news to send out an email newsletter or campaign. Effective campaigns can be successful based around just one or two items (and these can be short – only a couple of paragraphs long).

Remember, too, that your customers want to hear from you and want to hear your ‘story’. So there are many topics that would be of interest to them, that showcases your expertise and knowledge. Here are a few questions to ask yourself to help you generate content ideas:…read on
Jim WebsterPowerNetworker on 22-Aug-09

at the very bottom they are pushing Constant Contact, I say try Pure360 first and I’m as biased as they are.