Econsultancy & Pure360: Why integrate your email marketing software?

A month ago, Pure360’s Marc Munier wrote another useful blog post for Econsultancy about integration of your email marketing software.

It is an insightful article from someone who has obviously experienced and solved these problems on more than one occasion.

I my self am often queried about integration and many marketers will either have a panic attack over it because it sounds so technical and intimidating or will be incredibly inconvenienced that they can’t just click their fingers. Fortunately this is not the majority.
All it takes is the inclination to really find out what they want at the end of it all not how to actually do it, just the end result. That will bring with it a clarity that will enable other experts, like myself and Marc make sure you get what you need.

– – –

“Marc have you got a minute?” It always starts that way, I take my headphones out of my ears slowly to try and emphasise my disdain at being interrupted from whatever I am doing…

Plucky Account Manager: “So I’ve got this big client and integration is high on their priorities…”
Me: “And?”
PAM “They want a meeting to find out what we can do for them…”
Me: “Right.”
PAM: “Can you come? They have their technical lead there and I don’t want to be out-teched.”
Me: “Why?”
PAM: “Why what?”
Me: “Why do they want to integrate their email marketing software?”
PAM “?” (this indicates bemusement)

And herein lies the problem, people want to integrate their email marketing software with their customer database, but a lot of the time they don’t know why. What are they going to do when all of this data is at their fingertips?

Now I am not saying that people shouldn’t get all their data in one place because your database marketing effects will be far more effective if you do, but I believe that you need to have the following in mind before you start the (potentially painful let’s be realistic) process.
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