Twitter replacing email marketing?? that’s crazy talk

I’ve seen quite a few posts and articles over the last year about twitter replacing email. The latest one I have seen was a comment from IT Wales on another article “Twitter may replace email marketing, according to report“: September 14, 2009
I suppose I can understand why it could be thought of as newsworthy but quite frankly I’m bored of it all.
Twitter will not and cannot replace email, anyone who really thinks it will is delusional or just so hysterical over twitter it has made them temporarily delusional.
Your inbox is your centre of the digital word, it is the one stop shop where everyone you need to communicate with can if you let them.
Can you see your bank Tweeting you your statement or Amazon tweeting you your receipt – no? good me neither!

I can understand why some overexcite-able individuals might think that the marketing side of things could become dominant but it won’t. You don’t have the control in Twitter to label, store and prioritise the tweets you receive. It is more of an instant messenger meets mass SMS broadcast on a device. You can tell everyone who wants to hear from you in a click and they can publicly or privately reply but you only get 160 chars. And that’s a good thing, no-one’s got the attention span for anymore. If you can’t get my attention from that 145 chars for me to click the link, you’re rubbish and I’m not interested.
if you tweet something about your brand and someone is not look at twitter at the time by the time they get to it, there would have been bags of other tweets and the recipient will still have to sift through them all and decide what warrants a click or a retweet except they can’t filter, label and search.

So in conclusion, until we find a replacement technology to give people almost or more complete control over their central point of the internet, email will rule on!
Of course use twitter, every new blog post – tweet it, every new newsletter or marketing email – tweet the on-line view but don’t pick one cos its the best and only use that.