Clickconsult: Email marketing: make your campaign attractive

When a visitor to your website, or a customer, opts in to receive your email newsletter you then have to work on keeping them interested. If your periodical emails fail to deliver anything of value, the subscriber may well decide to opt out.

To avoid this happening, work very carefully on creating a captivating email marketing campaign. Only provide information that the subscriber will find useful and relevant to them. Receiving emails that are not interesting to the reader are going to be deleted and not even opened. Therefore, the subject heading has to be attention grabbing. Keep it real though, as making an unbelievable claim is likely to be regarded as junk or spam and be deleted…read on

Dan, Thursday, October 22nd
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Some good advice from Dan there, keeps it concise and to the point while being understandable and relevant. Many of us might already know all of this but as we know it is easy to get dragged in and articles like this help us keep perspective.