econsultancy: Defining trigger, remarketing and behavioural emails

It is important, I think, to define what is going on and what is out there in the market regarding trigger email marketing, behavioural email and remarketing, phrases thrown around and often confused but which have key differences.

I want to hazard some definitions of these terms, and of course I am open to having these challenged…

All businesses pinch vogue terms and use them to describe what they do. The bigger the issue and phrase, the more companies try to ride the bandwagon.

‘CRM’ was the classic example. I wonder how many people out there thought they understood what it meant until before seemingly every supplier in the market place twisted it and applied it to describe what they did!…read on
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This is a great surface level article about how to do things that are not always at the the top of our list (below, send one message to everyone we have) and how to do it right.
To implement any of this, your ESP should have all of the tools in their tool box, give them a shout, give me a shout or give Pure360 a shout.