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Another classic from the guys at Blue Sky Factory:

5 MORE Things All Email Marketers Need to Know
Reports, templates, and lists – oh my!

There are many aspects of an email marketing campaign. From building a list to analyzing campaign results, email marketers have a lot to keep track of. I recently posted a basic list of 5 things all email marketers need to know, but was asked to do a similar list with information that’s, well, a little less basic. (And while you’re here, save some trees. Just click on the image to the right.)

Ask and you shall receive. Here goes…read on
October 29th, 2009 by Amy Garland

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  1. Thanks for the mention/repost! We appreciate it. When you say, "another classic" is that like and ESPN Instant Classic? Ha ha. Thanks again.DJ WaldowDirector of Community, Blue Sky Factory@djwaldow


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