EMR: Email software popularity: 5 lessons for your list

In “Email software popularity: 5 lessons for your listMark tells us how to get even more from email depending on on your recipients’ email client.
Even though the email standards project guys have tried gallantly we still have no real html standards but we are close and some of the ISPs have updating their clients to be more in with the standards the industry know it should be working with. Mobile is still a bit of a git though!

Any as per usual Mark Brownlow has nailed it, read this and have a play with some of the tools he suggests.

As Fingerprint is from the same guys as Litmus, this functionality should be in every ESP pretty soon.

I was having a chat with the one of the Web guys from Pure360 and he said he’d seen the patterns and it might even be do-able in the platform as part of the normal delivery report? fingers crossed for the next-next feature upgrade. It won’t be in the next one because Automations is out in December – very exited!