FYI: You’re not allowed to track indivuals in Google Analytics

You’re not allowed to track individuals in Google Analytics cos it’s against their Ts and Cs

I’ve seen it in a few blogs from media agencies and and ESPs and I’ve discussed it myself that from email campaigns it is possible to use a recipient’s unique identifier, like their email address, as one of the utm values. This sounded like a great idea as then you can do propper profiling for your recipients and target them better.

I have not seen anywhere on blogs and google alerts etc. saying that you are not allowed to do that but I was having my regular chat with the marketing manager of @apexauctions who said that they also thought of that but while exploring the technological side of it found out that it is against the Ts & Cs of Google Analytics.

I immediately googled it and alas yes! Google Analytics Support says no to personal identifiers and then the Google Analytics Blog also says no, but it took people to ask to find this out.

So don’t do it.

I think it must be something to do with data controller laws and liability. You’d think they be all right seeing as they have Gmail?

I know there was a big noise from the states about people not wanting to be tracked to that level but I thought that was mainly from people who looked at porn and don’t want their wives getting porn adds when they are served by IP?

I for one am fine with better and more relevant adds

Disappointing but understandable.