EMR: ‘Pre sign-up’ Trust Earning Text

Another legend of Email Marketing: “Mark Brownlow” tell us how to earn trust before they sign up to make sure you get the right email address in: Getting the right email address (November 25, 2009).

If you’re thinking “Get the right email address, what does that mean?”, allow me to elaborate.
Many people have at least 3 email addresses, often one of them is Facebook so it might not count for marketing purposes but it is another on-line inbox.
Depending on what their relationship, perception and need for you is they will give you a different email address.
If you are an old acquaintance, there is a chance that you will only ever be able to communicate with the via facebook. If you are a family member of a good friend you will get the main email address. If you off an online computer game (MMORPG) and you require someone to register their email address for them to use your software, it is likely that they will give you their rubbish address or even a temporary email address which runs out after it has received so many emails. If you consistently offer good, relevant and remarkable information and your brand is trusted you will also get the main email address.

The reason behind this is mainly because people do not want to get on a list that is passed around and spammed for ever that they cannot get off. Even if you won’t do that you have to prove it to them before you prove it to them, so to speak. This is where you have to earn the trust. If you get the bad email address they won’t read your email so you have to earn the trust to get the good address.

Mark does a good job in setting us up to do that…read on