There’s more to sign-up forms

Another bit of gold from Mark Brownlow this week where he talks us through the little know details of optimising your use of the sign-up form in “Subscription forms: list growth and sign-up language” (February 03, 2010).

For some reason the wording used in the form is never really thought of as that important, as long as you have a form and it say subscribe normally you’d think it’ll be fine. Mark tells us how we can make it even better and really build lists…read on

Finally, having a sign-up form on every page of the site is becoming the must do thing rather than a branding choice.

There have been a few differing opinions over the years about the sign-up form.
1. Just ask for the email address,
2. Ask for email and first name,
3. Link to a giant form to ask for everything,
4. Submitting the tiny form that just asks for your email, takes you to another form which asks you more.

Personally, I am a fan of option 1 with a twist. Take the email address and send a welcome message straight away with a call to action to go and enter more details and always allow people to manage those details from every email. Some times it could be a call to action, maybe even with an incentive.

I’m loving Pure360’s Automations tool that makes it so easy to set-up – but I am biased, make your own decision – feel free to let me know if you agree.