Ever wondered whether your email marketing results are effected by the weather

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Pure360 recently did a study to investigate patterns of email marketing results
compared based on the weather.

It is a genius idea with some very cool results, including:
holiday, travel and travel product emails benefit from good weather,
property and vehicle emails benefit from bad weather
and they really drill down into how much the affect is.

It’s definitely worth a read…read on

From my point of view, I’m all for it – The more targeting you can do the better!

No longer is email about making the numbers as high as possible so you might get more people clicking,
it’s about getting the right content to the right people and the right time!
Any information we can get to help us achieve this is good information.

wft: why why why email with Outlook

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Just saw a tweet from techtree, who are normally quite good, saying how useful the mail-merge option in Outlook is for Email Marketing?
WFT?!? – Why would someone with Tech in their brand name say Outlook is good for email marketing?
to be honest they did actually say mass-mailing, they might as well have just said spam.

Mass Mailing with a Personalized Touch http://goo.gl/fb/tKKxN
@Techtree 9.30-ish BST via Google

So what they meant was: “You don’t have to do an giant BCC in order to spam loads of people from MS Outlook anymore”

fyi: you still don’t get reporting and more importantly you don’t get the opt-outs managed!

Welcome to Dimebar-ville Techtree, very disappointed in that 😦

I wish everyone wanted to email properly

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Every day I interact with people striving forward knowing what recipients want and trying to get it to them with the best quality possible and making their money at the same time – now that’s beautiful!

I also see people trying to market the old, dead, permissionless, acquisition way which gets people (like their ESP) listed and I can’t talk them all around. In fact some are just inconvenienced that I don’t want to help them carry on? It is a little frustrating. While I understand the consistent need to bring in new customers, adding people to a list who have not asked to be on that list is not the way, recipients must have the control.

I really wish that brands who want to get more customers would just stop using email like sending a load of fliers in the post to get in front of strangers (also known as spamming). I wish they would just get on board with the way it is…

Email is the long tail; use your SEO & PPC to get strangers onto your site and from there make your sign up form a call to action, get them signed up and then let them covert themselves through your consistent, good, wanted and relevant content. Encourage them to tweet, like and forward your content on. The better you treat them, the more they will say nice things about you to others and not look elsewhere when they want something that you offer.

If you try and convert strangers and prospects into customers with every single communication they’ll walk away or worse, hit the spam button!

Hello WordPress

Right, here we are on WordPress. To be honest I’ve had this site for a while just in case but blogspot’s Google analytics integration and more flexible widgets including JavaScript made it better for content. Now smart phones are popular, I have one and I need more mobile capabilities. WordPress beats the crap out of Blogspot with it’s mobile templates and iPhone app. In fact I’m writing this on my iPhone. It’s just a pitty that WordPress doesn’t let you add JavaScript in the widgets, I can plug google analytics into it. I’d really like a tweet bit on the posts too.

While I like this theme for the web and the mobile friendly interface, I am disappointed by the lack of flexibility in the hosted WordPress but it’s still more suitable for my current style at the moment.

I should beagle to get more content up anyway 🙂

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