wft: why why why email with Outlook

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Just saw a tweet from techtree, who are normally quite good, saying how useful the mail-merge option in Outlook is for Email Marketing?
WFT?!? – Why would someone with Tech in their brand name say Outlook is good for email marketing?
to be honest they did actually say mass-mailing, they might as well have just said spam.

Mass Mailing with a Personalized Touch
@Techtree 9.30-ish BST via Google

So what they meant was: “You don’t have to do an giant BCC in order to spam loads of people from MS Outlook anymore”

fyi: you still don’t get reporting and more importantly you don’t get the opt-outs managed!

Welcome to Dimebar-ville Techtree, very disappointed in that 😦

2 thoughts on “wft: why why why email with Outlook

  1. And you don’t get deliverability management, etc., etc.

    Skimming e-mail headers, I saw a company mass e-mailing using Mozilla Thunderbird recently. That was a new twist on the Outlook phenomenon.


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