Spammer: Why am I blocked? It’s not illegal to purchase lists

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Cracking post from Laura at Word to the Wise about how a spammer feels victimised by Spamhaus after he got blocked for spamming…

“The gist of the story is that Mr. Luckman thinks that because it is legal to purchase lists and send mail that there is nothing anyone can do to stop him from doing so. Unfortunately for Mr. Luckman, this isn’t actually true. Simply complying with the law does not mean that spamming behaviour has to be tolerated by ISPs. What’s more, ISPs have a lot of power to stop him”

Laura tells it very well, also some of the biggest names in email have
commented in support of not buying lists…read on

This kind of thing pops up in every aspect of industry in one way or another, people walk as closely to the line of the law and find the loop holes to make as much easy money as possible, the consumer looses out and no-one can stop them – because it’s legal.

Well, not in email apparently. In support, the ISPs’ Ts & Cs meet recipient’s requirements and that’s what senders must obey.

Wouldn’t it be convenient if everyone had the same rules of acceptance and it was all written in one spot – maybe some kind of legal document 🙂