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Last night (18:00 UK time) I plugged into the first instalment of EmailRadio.

To be honest, the days running up to it, I’d had my reservations about it, but right out of the box it was bang on!
Really well organised, very relaxed & personable presenting and the interviews were all really intriguing.

Email Radio

Obviously both guests, Stephanie Miller and John Caldwell, were well practised at seminars etc. so the radio show was easy and it was great to put a voice to the face.
You know how when you read something written by someone you know, your brain can make it sound like they’re saying it in your head – hopefully not just me :-/
I’ll be reading their tweets a posts a little differently now, in a good way 🙂

The player they were using was Blog Talk Radio.
They had a cheeky little chat box under the player where everyone who was listening could type stuff. I went in as fourpster rather than Captain Inbox due to it being me rather than a comedy blog alias. Stephanie Miller was in and out of there as she was interacting with the call-ins alongside John Caldwell.

Initially Stephanie took the first call-in by taking the standard Return Path question: “What does Return Path actual do for all of that Money”. I’ve seen it asked about four times and I’ve asked it twice, a long time ago once on-line & once in person.
Stephanie must have been asked this hundreds of times and even though they caller was blatantly emotionally connected to their opinion, if you get what I mean, she handled it admirably without even a tiny stutter – nice action!

Then John came on and Stephanie was nice enough to stay on too. Very cool bit of banter between the two actually. John said his bit about permission and that buying lists are bad. The Email Guide chaps added a mention of their EMAPP and all agreed that buying lists is bad for everyone. The chat then ensued with callers playing devil’s advocate to the short term benefits of buying lists and that it’s not illegal and John and Stephanie evenly pointing out the consequences…
…Too right, in my opinion, we’ve got get this ‘no bought lists’ thing to a point so that making it the law won’t make a dent because it’ll already be the done thing!

Mean while in the chat room, loads of people I’ve seen on t’internet & retweeted were appearing, and then The Email Guide Co-host pops in and types “Wow, look at everyone here, it’s the Email Brain Trust“.
I doubt I was the target of that but it was great to be there with those people – even though it was all on-line in chat room.

Got a couple of new fourpster twitter followers too: @allwebemail & @jvanrijn cheers chaps.
And got a little hello from the legend of Mark Brownlow – he’s quite the celebrity but so humble with it 🙂

Additionally Al Iverson was recommended as a good person to follow in Twitter by John.

I think on the basis of it being the first one and providing the guests keep coming, which I don’t doubt, this could make itself the hub of ongoing email discussion and be very cool.

The chat-room tends to fade away once the show stops, unsurprisingly – I wonder if there is a place that could follow on certain things? Maybe I’ve finally thought of a use for Google Wave?

Anyway, it was awesome, the content was really good, the people were great and I’m looking forward to the next instalment.

Ideally I could organise a Post Email Radio debrief in a local pub, might take a bit of time for that though, I’m a bit of an email geek, I wonder if 4 people would be enough to make the Brighton Email Brain Trust?

If you missed that last one, you can download it from the EmailRadio page on the TheEmailGuide – just scroll down to the “eMail Radio MP3 Archives” bit. I think it might be on iTunes but I haven’t checked – it would make a decent pod cast set.

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  1. It seems as if we’ve hit on a good thing here with eMail Radio! The response has been over and above anything Jeff and I really expected.

    We both want to thank you for taking time to recognize the effort and help promote the show! You just made our week!



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