Jenny Quits and becomes whiteboard-photo-message famous

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Many of us will have seen the now quite famous “Girl quits her job on dry erase board, emails entire office” (10/08/2010), a very cool little number when a young lady quits her job by sending her office 33 photos of her holding up a small white board with different messages pulling appropriate faces.
You must see it before you read on other wise the whole thing will be spoilt for you and none of us wants that.

If you haven’t seen it, DO IT NOW and then come back…

Cool, we then heard that Jenny wasn’t really called Jenny (11/08/2010) as she reveals the truth about the previous viral escapade.

I must admit I was quite disappointed when I found out the truth, but I recovered pretty quick and now I’m over it.

I scrolled down the second page to see what people were writing in the comments and it wasn’t as sick and stalky as I had expected – well done people!

I did see what appeared to be a comment from the lady herself from her Facebook page. I thought that was someone pretending to be her, so I clicked through a low and behold her full public Facebook page and a pretty busy wall: Apparently she’s been featured in on ‘Newsweek’.

There was a particularly entertaining link from called ‘Wil Quits w00tstock!‘ (16/08/2010) where the guys take the whole thing to a rather entertaining new level, definitely worth a look.

My esteemed colleague Maria also sent me this link on boredninja from December 2009 where Andrew McDonald had done a very similar thing on his digital camera as a message for anyone who finds it – was this the first?

It was not a really big effort to put that together but it was delivered very cleverly and with the ease of social shares on-line it was a quick spread and probably still moving around.

I wonder what Elyse will do next, will she be digitised as an web avatar, will she get her own talk show, appear in a US Teen Drama or just go back to the waitress job and keep plugging away at those auditions for Broadway.

Personally I’d love her do very well out of it, it was far more entertaining than Britain and America’s got Talent, not that I’ve ever got through a whole episode.