Charity Email Marketing

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You may or may not know that Pure360 are taking part in the Scally Rally this year, driving two old bangers from the Calais in France to Rimini in Italy.
To go along side that we thought we’d make a little theme of it and write a load of content to help our Charity friends, many of which are happy users of Pure360.

With my nifty new WordPress app I bashed out some thoughts while watching my stories on a Sunday afternoon and hay-presto, 2 posts for the pure360 Blog. The first was quite long so we made it into 2 so we had 3 posts.

Content and control: Key to successful charity email marketing: Part 1:
A quick intro into the necessity of email to non-profit orgs. Then I did a little over view of the types of content that people would want from a charity. Some of it has apparently surprised some who have been only emailing about all of the good everyone can do, which while noble and good, does not always bring in the numbers. For instance, there are glossy magazine style options where they could use the big celebrities who get involved just to grab attention.

It’s also just as important for charities to try and not to sell donations in the same way a profit business should not try to make a sale in an email. It’s all about the content and the involvement.

Then of course there is frequency, which would depend on what you send out and how much you have to say. As usual, typically monthly, which could tie into a monthly payment for donators, but there are also options for weekly, daily on update alters for new content…this ties in nicely to part 2:

Managing subscriptions: Key to successful charity email marketing: Part 2
Because Charities can such a vast range of people on their list who would want different things for different reasons, a charity marketer would do well to try and categorise and normalise the emails they can do.

For instance: different events for a cause, some event might suit some more than others;
Different causes, it is not uncommon for large charities to break their work down into causes all with the same end goal. This also makes it easier to tell a story to donators and bring them closer to the work. I’ve put a couple of examples in the article.

And to bring all of that together, the preference centre! There are so many things that can happen and what people might like and not like as recipients so I’ve listed a few suggestions to help profile people and the many options to keep people involved and maybe even closer to their causes, especially the many events that go on.

Charity Adoption Email Marketing Strategy
The 2nd Piece was from an old rant I had about animal sponsorship where I was getting loads of direct mail that definitely cost more than I was donating and getting an email.
Again, using the preference centre I’ve advised that by giving recipients control over what you send them keeps them their longer and can allow them to step in and out of different content without having to opt-out of all because of one inconvenience.

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