Gmail Priority Inbox encourages Digital Rapport in Email Marketing

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I’m pretty proud of this one. Especially the fact that it seems so clear to me that everything that we will need to do as a result of this is not new to best practice, it’s the stuff we’ve all been rambling on about for the last few years. What Gmail has done is make it more important and actually implemented a consequence to not doing it. We’ll have to see how it all goes!

Anyone who clicked through in this post’s first few seconds of it’s life, sorry – I’d amplified it and it look pony, as you can see it’s all fixed now.

What is Priority Inbox?
We’ve been talking  about things like preference centres being rapport building because it gives control to the recipient, well now Gmail has announced the beta launch of ‘Priority Inbox’ a new feature which gives more control within the inbox itself.

Using Google’s industry leading algorithms for user and content tracking, the Gmail inbox is capable of prioritising your emails for you based on your interaction history with each sender.

It also associates those metrics with content in other emails to mark similar emails you like as more important.

Priority Inbox has three priority levels, which essentially gives users three inboxes:
‘Priority’, ‘Starred’ & ‘Everything Else’.

To add to that, in the same way as your spam filters learns what to send to junk every time you hit the spam button, Inbox Priority will adapt its own rules every time you open an email, click a link, reply to an email, add your safe list and of course archive without opening  and mark as spam.

In addition you also get your own inbox controls where you can change the priority of each individual email in the inbox to correct any incorrect assumptions, and of course Inbox Priority will learn from these actions too.

Finally, the cherry on top is the advanced filtering option, which allows you to nominate priorities when creating manual filters as well.

If you haven’t got it yet, don’t worry, Google will be rolling Priority Inbox out to everyone over the coming week.
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