To Spam or Not to Spam, that is the Question

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I just had an amusing exchange with Jordie van Rijn with two profound email statements which ended a little Shakespearian inspiring this:

To Spam or Not to Spam, that is the Question
Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The complaints and blocks of outrageous spamming,
Or to take arms against a sea of non-permission,
And by opposing end them? To segment: to target

Too long for a tweet, so it ended up here. Feel free to add more of the script tweaked to email in the comments.

This is how we got there:
@jvanrijn “Social media doesn’t work! People work. They work the channel, making social media success or failure.”
@getintheinbox: “Deliverability to decided on by your recipient’s reactions to your sending practices”.
@getintheinbox: “maybe with the 2nd word as ‘is’ and not ‘to’ oops :-)”
@jvanrijn: “To is or not to is that is the question!”

For another great email twist on classic writing see “The Email Geeks poetry slam The Raven” by Edgar Allen Poe from The Email Guide.

Edit Feb 14th 2011:

Mark Brownlow of has just published Romeo’s Inbox on his awesome Famous Inboxes site.

2 thoughts on “To Spam or Not to Spam, that is the Question

  1. Never envisioned email marketers as poets, but than again, why not?
    Shakespeare clearly sounds better than all the rappin’ of the php developers 🙂


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