CNN: What your e-mail address says about you

The tekkiness of a person has been long been categorised  by the domain in your email address: out of the big 4 AOL is least tekkie because their software was about making it easy and Gmail is the most tekkie because their users evolved through invites from Google through universities, now Facebook Messaging is on the way we have to re-analyse  this. I have already touched on it and Doug Gross for CNN (November 16, 2010) get into more detail:

Here’s the harsh truth: Whether you know it or not, some people judge you the moment they see what comes after the “@” in your messages.

At the risk of flirting with internet snobbery, here is a look at the place where ISPs and personalities meet. (It’s worth noting, we’re not the first to do so. We’re particularly fond of this fun graphic from The Oatmeal, a humor blog.)

These are stereotypes gathered in the name of fun and, like all stereotypes, there are exceptions. That said, let the stereotyping begin!

Here’s a breakdown of what e-mail addresses may signify about their users…read on