Engaging the engaged to engage IP addresses

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On the 18th of Feb, Tom Sather wrote “Warming Up IP Addresses: 5 Steps for Faster Inbox Placement” for Return Path. This adds weight nicely to my “Dedicated IPs are Good” post a little while ago. It does of course finish with the usual sales pitch but on this occasion it is well earned.

The main points which need attention are 3 & 4: Segment and mail your active subscribers & Monitor.

This is something that I find marketers are not remotely inclined to do unless their ESP has “a button for it”.  Even if the benefits are obvious, and the logic that the people who are engaged are so more likely to spend money than people who are ignoring them. Without actually trying it, it’s hard to get buy-in and people don’t want to risk their results. The size of the list is still perceived as more important than the existing ROI being achieved.

This could be because if their results go down they are out of job and they are only protected by achieving as much or more than their predecessors. They will of course never over achieve because the existing method is flawed and in a downward spiral of failure. Also the fact that many people in charge at the top only see the money and cannot perceive or care about consequences or risk losing the zombies off the list to help connect with the engaged. That could be where the battle is!

Hopefully with Return Path being a well respected authority on this kind of thing, some significant weight will be added to the cause.

Although there is always the possibility that even with a consequence and brand that does not care would just move between ESPs flashing the cash and starting over.

Maybe once IP V6 is out more will be done to pin a sender down. Maybe there will be away of forcing senders to register the DKIM of their home domain to their sending domains, so they carry their reputation with them everywhere. Like a web-reputation linked to the company registration. However I have no idea how that could be implemented, it’ll probably cost too much money.

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There is of course some hope!

Kelly Lorenz of Bronto wrote a fantastic piece Making the Case for Permission which gives me hope and even more tools to add to my on going  ‘pressure for permission mission’.